Harnessing Real-Time Data: Streamlining MySQL Changes to Kafka with Kafka Connect

November 4, 2023

At KTEK, we are constantly exploring innovative data solutions, and streaming changes from MySQL databases has emerged as a transformative subject. This method of capturing change sets is not only gaining traction in our operations but also promises to revolutionize data handling in various storage systems moving forward. Notably, AWS DynamoDB has already embraced this capability, offering native stream support without the need for additional middleware.

Our experience with Change Data Capture (CDC) streams has been instrumental in past initiatives, particularly when we channelled event data into Kafka for enhanced processing. This technique is versatile; it’s been adeptly applied by others to efficiently manage cache invalidation in response to alterations at the row level in MySQL databases.

We leveraged the debezium/Kafka Connect project to seamlessly transition MySQL CDC events into Kafka streams, as outlined in a detailed presentation available on our platform. For those who are interested in a deep dive into Debezium, we encourage a visit to their official site at Debezium.io.

Our team recently came across an insightful article detailing how a similar effect can be achieved with AWS RDS or a standard MySQL instance, guiding the transfer of CDC events to AWS Kinesis with minimal complexity. This piece is a must-read for those keen on modern data solutions: Streaming Changes in a Database with Amazon Kinesis.

We believe that this technology opens a myriad of possibilities, potentially being a cornerstone for future implementations or a key to solving current business challenges. We’re eager to hear your thoughts. Do you see this as a valuable tool for your enterprise? Share with us how this could be a part of your technology roadmap or solve specific issues you’re currently facing.

Let’s embark on this journey together to unlock real-time data potentials and revolutionize our data-driven strategies.